Bloodhound Studios is a mobile
application development firm
founded in 2011.

i.e. We make apps.

The collective "we" is mostly just a single developer, with a lot of help from friends, family, coworkers, internet contractors, a semi-sentient AI, benevelent alien overlords, and the occasional ninja pirate (or pirate ninja, depending on who you ask).

All of this is generally helped along by more coffee than the average person should consume and not expect to have long term side effects.

What We Do

"If builders built buildings the way programmers wrote programs, then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization."

Open Communication

Even though most of our codebase isn't available publically, we try and stay socially connected: if you have a question about how something is done, ask! Also, many interesting problems that we've tackled are detailed in my blog.

Reusable Paradigms

We always make an effort to build useful modular pieces: that way we can leverage that code in future projects. We're constantly learning and improving.

Professional Art

While we have some professional experience doing art in-house, it's always good to get outside help. Many of our best artwork is done by independent consultants. Special thanks to Carolina Tavizon.

New Technologies

We are always looking forward: mobile is the future, but there are many tools available to get us there. While more utilitarian apps strongly benefit from being made in native code, other apps (especially games) are far more powerful on unified engines. We are always on the lookout for strong new technologies in the mobile space to offer our clients the best experience.

Maintaining Existing Apps

We try and maintain the best user experience we can in our existing apps. Many of our projects utilize things like Crashlytics to monitor and track issues in the wild. You don't want your apps to have issues, and neither do we.

Professional Contracts

In addition to our own apps, we do some professional contracting on the side. Note: we are NOT accepting new contracts at this time, sorry.

The Projects

Potion Master

Our first (and largest) project: a fantasy order-filling game. Earn money to unlock more ingredients and recipes. Android only (for now)!

Grid Infect

A challenging puzzle game where you strategically place pieces to cover the entire game board. 128 classic levels, plus a limitless mode with leaderboards.

Coming Soon

We are always working on our next big project: when we have more to announce, you'll find out about it here!